Town Railings, Iron Railings

Town Railings

Traditional Iron Railings are all bespoke. We manufacture to our customers specifications. We have a wealth of experience and can propose suitable designs that suit the setting whether in the town or countryside. The traditional method is to drill the rails into coping stones, this is a time consuming but precision task which leaves a seamless and elegant town railing. We can also manufacture in panels for erection on site.

A quick potted history of Traditional Iron Railings - We always think of Traditional Iron Railings or Town Railings as being Black - this was not always so. The Metal Railings used to be painted in a variety of colours, in the early nineteenth century invisible greens were popular, allowing the railings to blend into a natural background. Other popular colours were dark blue, red and chocolate brown. However the defining moment for the colour of English Steel Railings followed the death of Prince Albert in 1861. Out of respect doors, window frames and railings were all painted black and the trend has continued to this day. We have worked with clients who have both preferred black and other colours.


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