Traditional Iron Railings

Traditional Iron Railings specialise in the production and installation of classic metal street railings. We manufacture in the United Kingdom and are proud of our beautiful products. From Steel Town Rails through to intricate metal entrance gates.

In todays world, everything is getting standardised. Traditional Iron Railings have bucked this trend and produce heavy, solid iron products with a quality feel. Town railings set the scene for your property, be that a home or a commercial property, it is the first thing people see and adds presence to your property.

This in turn adds value to your property. Classic Town Railings also add an important security aspect to any property allowing ground floor and basement windows to be open without concern. Our raiilings can be finished with a multitude of different finials to fully personalise your property. Every order is different and all our products are made specifically to clients orders. We often produce to customers drawings and work closely with them to present the perfect product for its purpose.

Latest Posts

  • Legacy Steel Driveway edging a great product for builders and developers
    Legacy steel driveway edging is the strongest form of steel edging available on the market. Made from 5mm solid steel, this product is a fantastic way to edge driveways, pathways. We can supply only or unstall using our expert teams. We support developers, builders, local authorities, landscape architects and private individuals. The lengths are simply bolted together using joining plates. The lengths are then installed and secured at 1m intervals using 400mm long steel pins. Legacy Metal driveway edging can form gentle Radiuses of over 10m radius. Any tighter than this and we will pre-bend these lengths in the workshop,…
    Written on Tuesday, 07 June 2016 14:57 Read 3010 times
  • Safety Railings in listed mill ruins
    Safety Railings in listed mill ruins Some of the more complex aspects of the Traditional Iron railing business centre around safety in and around listed buildings. Here we have an old burnt out mill ruin in Berkshire, this  caught fire in the late 1700's and little has happened until the new owners recently purchased the property.  The outer fabric has been repaired leaving the burned out centre but the mill race still rattles through at a serious pace. Access to service and inspect the new weir within the ruin was hazardous to say the least. Side rails and lockable doorways have now been installed within the…
    Written on Wednesday, 06 April 2016 13:42 Read 3108 times
  • Architectural Ironwork - maintaining historical content
    Architectural Ironwork - maintaining historical content This was an interesting commission , the old listed gates at the entrance to this classic English estate could not (understandably) be moved and a new set were commisioned further up the drive, this would aid the flow of visitors and reduce the snarlling up on the main road. Detail was taken from the original gates and matching side panels made by our craftsmen. These enormous panels will grace this drive for generations to come - once again showing that its all in the detail. The panels then flow into our Burghley 5 rail Estate Fencing with a pair of…
    Written on Thursday, 18 February 2016 18:23 Read 1474 times
  • Traditional Iron Railings
    Traditional Iron Railings Traditional Iron Railings manufacture and instal quality iron railings throughout the UK. Our railings are all bespoke and come with an extensive range of finials and scrolling rails. Iron railings create a traditional look to any property adding both style and value. The steel railings are drilled into the coping stones in the traditional manner, this creates a very elegant Railing. Traditionally the iron railings would have been sealed to the coping stones with lead, today we use a high quality resin to make the seal.
    Written on Monday, 13 January 2014 08:34 Read 2699 times
  • Creating a small front garden
    Creating a small front garden Small areas in your garden can often cause more issues than large ones. They are too small to mow sensibly and seem to be all edge. Here is one solution, the garden was centralised around a large Urn with our Legacy Steel edging retaining a narrow shingle pathway, all very square and symmetrical. This Northamptonshire Garden was completed with a short length of Burghley 5 rail Traditional Estate fencing ending with a 75mm corner post and round finial - Proper Job !
    Written on Monday, 23 September 2013 07:46 Read 2667 times